3 Critical Items Your Bug Out Bag is Missing

3 Critical Items Your Bug Out Bag is Missing

Did you know your emergency kit is missing a few items? I thought mine was pretty well stocked until met Roman Zrazhevskiy of Ready To Go Survival, a company offering comprehensive, ready-to-use emergency survival systems.  In this week's post, Roman shows us three items he thinks we all should include in our kits.  3 Critical Items Your Bug Out Bag is Missing Yes, I know; bug out bag contents have been a topic of heated debate among enthusiasts for quite some time now. And with so much information on the Internet, it seems like every bug out bag [Read More...]

Weekly News Roundup 4.19.14

Weekly News Roundup 4.19.14 (Home Ready Home)

Did you know covering your raised bed with tulle keeps insects off your plants? Yes, tulle!  Like a bride's veil! Here's another tip: French tulle is best because it's easy to drape.  That's just one of many things I learned last weekend at the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville.  There was so much information to take in, so much to see, and so so many people there.  I had a great time and wanted to share a little bit of the fun with you.  The first half hour of the weekend was spent enjoying a delicious crepe (filled with egg, potato, tomato and spinach, yum!) [Read More...]

Ready 101: How to Make a Grab and Go Binder

Ready 101: How to Make a Grab and Go Binder

Not long ago, I opened up my bank statement and found a series of unauthorized charges.  I promptly called the bank and reported the charges.  Then I cut up my debit card and threw it away.   Imagine my surprise when I received one of the stolen goods in the mail!  Not sure what to do, I consulted with a family friend who is also a police officer and he said, “Make a police report.” The next day an officer arrived at my house.  He examined the merchandise and began taking notes for his report.   “Do you have the debit card?” he asked. “Shoot. No. I [Read More...]

Julie’s Weekly Roundup 4.12.14

Julie's Weekly Roundup 4.12.14 (Home Ready Home)

Happy Saturday! I'm on my way to Asheville for the Mother Earth News Fair, so today, let's get right to the roundup.  Hope you don't mind. I'm sure I'll have plenty of experiences to share from the event in next Saturday's post, so stay tuned. Here's the news and tips from around the web that caught my eye this week: News The Depth of the Problem You Don’t Own Your Kindle Books, Amazon Reminds Customer Pennsylvania school stabbing: 'Quiet kid' arrested in bloody attack Google and the Flu: How Big Data Will Help Us Make Gigantic Mistakes 16 Major Retail Chains Closing [Read More...]

Julie’s Weekly Roundup 4.5.14

Julie's Weekly Roundup 4.5.14 (Home Ready Home)

What did dried-up broccoli seedlings and a dead dishwasher teach me about being prepared? Two lessons: Things don’t always go as planned and stock up on paper plates. My broccoli seedlings appeared to be loving life under their grow light set-up...or so I thought. In one day’s time, they keeled over and by morning they were starting to wilt. What went wrong? I’m not exactly sure but you gave me some ideas: “I don't use coir or peat containers as it sucks the moisture out from the soil (unless bottom watering) as I learned this the hard way...” “Seedlings should never dry [Read More...]

Our Biggest Giveaway Ever! Enter to Win Sun Oven, Excalibur & More!

Our Biggest Giveaway Ever! Enter to Win!

THE GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Thanks to everyone who entered. There will be more giveaways coming soon.  By now, you've probably realized I love giveaways.  I'm soooooo excited about this one, so I'm gonna quit talking and get right to it.  Several blogger friends and I teamed up with some of our favorite companies. Because of their generosity, we’re able to offer you these mega giveaway prizes: The All American SunOven from Sun Oven (APV $399) The All American Sun Oven is your off-grid solution to cooking. Let the sun bake, broil, dehydrate or cook for you. Your sun oven [Read More...]

Julie’s Weekly Roundup 3.29.14

Julie's Weekly Roundup 3.15.14 (Home Ready Home)

  An interesting, thought provoking comment was written on the Facebook page this week.   I'd posted a basic safety tip advising people to take the stick figure family member car decals and other car magnets off their cars.  The reasoning is you don't want to give criminals free information about yourself. A reader disagreed with the advice and said following it would be living in fear.  While I disagree with the statement, I understand where it came from.  There was a time when I, too, thought a particular piece of advice was silly because the chance of [Read More...]

Gear Review: The ReadiMask

Gear Review: The ReadiMask (+Giveaway!)

By some miracle, you survived the disaster, only now, you’re facing a new threat.  The air is filled with dangerous debris and it's becoming harder and harder to breathe. Scenarios like this are exactly why it's a good idea to include a N95 face mask in your emergency kit. All N95 masks are made of air-purifying fabric or a filter that’s certified to protect against 95% of harmful airborne particles. But here’s the thing: The mask is only as good as the seal it creates on your face. If it doesn’t fit correctly (and with pre-formed shapes and elastic straps, it’s very [Read More...]

Julie’s Weekly Roundup 3.22.14

Julie's Weekly Roundup 3.22.14 (Home Ready Home)

It's been a busy week! All the seeds I planned on starting indoors have been planted. I decided to use 3 different containers as an experiment to see if one does better over another.  A few weeks ago, I started Seeds for Generations spinach seeds in a Jiffy Professional Greenhouse starter tray—the tray that comes with peat soil pellets. So far, the spinach seedlings are doing well.   Here's what they looked like as they were just starting to come up... This week, I started a variety of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds—cherry tomato, peppers, broccoli and eggplant—in two types of [Read More...]

What is Permaculture? Plus 12 More of Your Permaculture Questions Answered

What is Permaculture? Plus 12 More of Your Permaculture Questions Answered

Would you like a garden that produces bountiful harvest year after year without back-breaking effort? Of course!  Who wouldn't? Last fall, I sat in on a lecture by Rick Austin, author of Secret Garden of Survival. Rick showed the class one picture after another of a forest-like garden filled with every fruit and vegetable imaginable and said once planted, the garden pretty much took care of itself.   Amazing, I thought.  I have to do this at our mountain house! A month or so later, I'd thought I figured out the best spot for a food forest and called a tree removal [Read More...]

Julie’s Weekly Roundup 3.15.14

Julie's Weekly Roundup 3.15.14 (Home Ready Home)

Lots happened around home this week and none of it had to do with learning a new skill or testing out a new plan. But you know what? That’s OK. Life happens and we can’t be preparing every second of every day, can we? No, and frankly, I don’t think we should. Not if we want to live a healthy existence. Blogging about emergency preparedness and self-reliance means that I’m pretty much thinking about it all the time, from figuring out what skills I need to learn, to testing gear for a review, to reading tons of articles daily in search of the right one to share with you. It’s easy to [Read More...]

3 Simple Steps to Save a Life in a Cardiac Emergency

3 Simple Steps to Save a Life in a Cardiac Emergency

You're walking your dog in the neighborhood park and you see a man riding a bike up ahead suddenly collapse. Would you know what to do? A few weeks ago, my town's park and rec department offered a free Citizen CPR class.  It had been a pretty long time since I learned CPR, so I went expecting to get a refresher.  (What was that again?  Tilt the head back and push how many times before I breathe?) Imagine how happy I was to find out CPR has been simplified!   The American Red Cross is now teaching Hands-Only CPR.  Studies have shown performing Hands-Only CPR on [Read More...]

Julie’s Weekly Roundup 3.8.14

Julie's Weekly Roundup 3.8.14 (Home Ready Home)

Spring is here! At least that's what I thought. Turns out I was wrong.  The beautiful start to the week—a sunny 70 degrees—didn't stick and here we are ending the week in the 30s with on and off freezing rain. :( There are some signs of life in the garden though, so hopefully spring will be here to stay soon. This week, my self-reliance project was to get some seeds started.  Last week, I shared Are We Crazy or What's How to Start Seeds Indoors for Next to Nothing—Without Flimsy Plastic Containers.  I fell in love with the cool newspaper pot maker Jennifer has, so [Read More...]